Black Wolf Radio
Wade Fernandez/Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew

Wade's version of Contemporary American Indian music
which is a blend of blues, rock, folk, jazz,
latin, country, jam, spoken word, and traditional American Indian music.
New additions are Legacy rock & blues jams from the early days on the rez and jazz-funk trio jams from Milwaukee.

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How do I know which CD?
KEY for abbreviations

WAP = "Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew" 2000
M7G = "Music For the 7th Generation" spring 2002
BWB = "Black Wolf's Blues" fall 2002
BWF = "Black Wolf's Flute" Nov. 2004
SBW = "Song of the Black Wolf" Nov. 2004
4P = "4 the People" Dec. 06-07
B&F = "Breathe & Flow" Dec. 2012

From the 2012 CD "Breathe & Flow" Buy

From the 2006-2007 CD "4 the People" Buy

"Jam 4 the People" - award winning instrumental with Native American flute, jamming electric guitar and Hammond B3
GRAMMY AWARD category Field 4 - Rock, Category 19 - Best Rock Instrumental Performance, Entry# 014.

"When It's Time" - GRAMMY AWARD Category - Record of the Year, Entry # 176.

"Offering 4 the People" - Grand piano & native flute

Cry Of The Wolf

Two Step Girl

"What You Didn't Say" -Rocks with a hook. A live favorite!

Take Me Home

4 the People

Gift For You

Love Remains


And Our Blues Have Just Begun

Rez Dawg Blues

From "Song of the Black Wolf" Buy

"Rain Woman" instrumental for Kemewan slide/video

"Commodity Cheese Blues" blues for that hot commodity we grew up w/ on the rez.......SEE THE VIDEO

"Waupan/Sunrise" solo cedar flute

"Remembering" instrumental - native flute, gtr., band

"A Fool's Gold" bloozing & rocking

"Discovering America"

"Mosquito" jazz-rocks

"Plight of Kenew (Eagle)"

Naehkan/Sunset (solo flute)


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Black Wolf's Blues Buy

"Funky 49" mixture of blues round dance and 49 singing (BWB)

"Play That Guitar Man" initially called Play that Deadly Jam, if your Menom' you'll know what I mean (BWB)

"Reservation Line" a fun song about coming home to frybread and corn soup (BWB)

"Black Gold" environmental song that rocks (BWB)

Improvisations and Jams

live improv soundcheck 2002 (BWB)

Lyrical ballad improv MATC Black Wolf Band 11-15-2000

"The Go To Bed Already Jam" recorded at 3:30am Bryan, the bass player literally fell asleep but kept playing, hence the title (WAP)

Warming Up the House (Black Wolf Group live improv UWM 2-19-04)

Songs For Kids and Moms

Little Cedar for my daughter (M7G) SEE PHOTOS

Baby Wade (Wahpi-Mahwaesaeh) for my 1st born son (WAP)

Goodnight written almost spontaneously while putting my one of my children to sleep (live studio)

Daddy's Coming Home (BWB)

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Songs for the Politically Native

"Blues For the River (Mahwaew Sepew)" the fight to keep the sacred Wolf River pure (BWB)

"Discovering America" (SBW)

"Guns" about the weapons biz and the loss of innocent lives, including Ingrid Washinawatok's (WAP)

"Until Then (Reprise)" along the same theme of the previous song (WAP)

contemporary native 2000-02

"Still Standing Proud" epic about loss, survival and beauty in contemporary native life (M7G)

"Nokomaeh-Nenah Kemanon Nokomaeh " spoken word and drum song in tribute to Pitapon Josephine my grandmother and our future (BWF but orig was WAP)

"On the Reservation" rockin' jammin' tune about life on the rez and balancing between two worlds (M7G)

"A Guitar Chants For The People" vintage from 1st CD, jammin' instrumental (WAP)


singer-songwriter stuff

"Chasing Trains" written in tribute to my grandfather's life and musical influence

Live Jazz Funk Trio Improvisations w/Wes (drums), B (bass), and Wade (guitar) 1-20-2001

Minor Uptempo jam

Trading 4s jam

rehearsal jams (low audio quality)

Remembering (rehearsal)

improv at rehearsal I slowly realize it's same progression as "What U Didn't Say"

Legacy 1988 to 2000 rez trio: Quint (drums), Johnny (bass & vox), & Wade (guitar & vox)

Cool improv '95 @ Blue Moon Bongo Bob

Echoes of Shred '88?

Little Wing excerpt mid 90s

Sweet Lovin' Woman live @ the Boardwalk '93

jam @ the Boardwalk '93

Hey Joe '93

Always Wit Me Always Wit You part 5-27-2000

Voodoo Chili Variations


"Omaeqnomenew" Composed in 6 minutes for a 30 second Menominee Reservation TV commercial.

Engineering and mixing; Vinny Millivolte, Jeff Hamilton, Wade Fernandez

Production and arranging; Wade Fernandez

KeysDrumsBassPercussionVocals, Guitars, Native Flute, Bouzouki, Harmonica, Mandolin
Matt "Sticky" MeixnerMatt LibanBryan MirJohn SeydewitzWade Fernandez
Dave AdlerErnie AdamsEric HerveyWade Fernandez
Jeno SomlaiSteve KleiberRyan Scheidermayer

All Songs Written by Wade Fernandez 2000-2007
except improvs spontaneously composed by the group and audience
and Mosquito with the lyrics by Wade and music by Wade, Matt Liban, Matt Meixner, Eric Hervey, John Seydewitz.

All Rights Reserved Wade Fernandez 2000-2013

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